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"Unveiling Jackie Evans: The Visionary Founder Behind Watts' Empowering Nonprofit for Families Impacted by a Parent or Guardian with a Disability or Health Disadvantage, Voices of Impact"

Updated: Jan 19


Jackie Evans, a resilient mother of five and an integral part of her community, draws her strength from a journey marked by challenges and transformative experiences. The genesis of Voices of Impact can be traced back to a pivotal moment in Jackie's life when her father, her pillar of support, suffered a life-altering stroke, rendering him permanently disabled. At the tender age of 12, Jackie found herself transitioning from "daddy's little girl" to becoming her father's primary caregiver.

"Turning Pain into Purpose: Jackie's Journey from Adversity to Founding Voices of Impact"

The weight of responsibility took a toll on Jackie's mental and emotional well-being, thrusting her into premature adulthood. Despite her sincere efforts to care for her father, the absence of familial and community support forced him to make the heartbreaking decision of sending her to another household for care. Like countless children in similar circumstances, Jackie encountered a series of adverse childhood experiences and trauma, compounded by the profound loss of her father shortly thereafter.

However, instead of succumbing to despair, Jackie channeled her pain into purpose. In 2017, she founded Voices of Impact with her two daughters, a beacon of hope for parents facing the devastating prospect of separation from their children due to circumstances beyond their control. Jackie empathizes with the children who bear the weight of caring for a disabled parent, sacrificing their childhood in the process.

"Cultivating Impact: A Multi-Faceted Approach to Empowering BIPOC Communities"

Through four core programs and services—Your Special Day, Bridge 2 Hope, Voices of Impact Teen Leadership Academy—Jackie has positively impacted the lives of parents and children in Watts and surrounding areas who share the common experience of having a guardian with a disability. Additionally, she has orchestrated over 700 bi-weekly produce deliveries to the doorsteps of guardians grappling with disabilities and health disadvantages.

In her moments of respite, Jackie indulges in her passion for cooking, exploring new recipes to nourish her family. Recognizing the crucial link between food and wellness, she understands the role nutrition plays in preventing health decline, particularly in BIPOC communities facing challenges like food deserts and limited access to nutritious options.

Jackie's commitment to wellness extends beyond her kitchen. She has embraced a transformative journey to combat health issues disproportionately affecting BIPOC communities. What began as her life story has evolved over 30 years into a narrative of philanthropy and impactful change. Today, Jackie stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, turning adversity into a force for positive transformation. #VoicesofImpact #Disabledparenting #Wattsnonprofit #Losangelesnonprofit

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