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Why It Matters

There are over 4.1 million parents in the U.S. living with disabilities with children younger than 18. However, there is still the pernicious belief that parents with physical or intellectual disabilities cannot adequately care for and raise their children, leading to an 80% loss of custody rate.

It is imperative that we stand united in recognizing and addressing the challenges faced by parents with disabilities. These individuals often encounter biases that undermine their confidence in seeking help, especially when it comes to essential parenting tasks such as engaging in recreational activities, assisting with homework, attending school conferences, and organizing special events for their children.

The consequences of overlooking the needs of parents with disabilities are profound. Health challenges should not be a barrier that separates them from their children. It is crucial to foster an environment where these parents receive the support they deserve, ensuring they can actively participate in every aspect of their children's lives.

Our commitment to empowering these families goes beyond mere acknowledgment. Voices of Impact has been established with a steadfast belief that every parent and child, regardless of their circumstances, deserves unwavering support from the community. By providing essential services and facilitating access to a higher quality of family life, we aim to prevent burnout and depression while empowering both parents and children to navigate the journey together, hand in hand. Let us champion the cause of inclusivity and support, ensuring that no family is left behind.

Help us create a day of fun, excitement, and absolutely no worries for a deserving boy or girl!


We are always in need of gifts and supplies for the children and parents that we serve. Help us provide them with special memories. Whether you consider a gift large or small, we believe all gifts we receive impact our local communities.

Other Ways to Donate
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