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Our Story 

About Us


Voices of Impact 

Jackie Evans, a mother of five and a vital part of her community, found inspiration in her challenges. The genesis of Voices of Impact can be traced back to a pivotal moment when her father's stroke led her into premature adulthood at the age of 12.

Despite facing the challenges of becoming her father's primary caregiver at the tender age of 12, Jackie turned her pain into purpose. In 2017, she founded Voices of Impact to support families impacted by a parent or guardian's disability. Working together with her daughters, they are dedicated to making a change in Watts, a high-needs service area for many years. This journey was marked by Jackie's separation from her disabled father, a heartbreaking decision driven by the absence of familial and community support, leading to her being rehomed. Through it all, Jackie emerged resilient, driven by the desire to ensure that no family impacted by a parent or guardian with a disability or health disadvantage faced similar struggles alone.

Through four core programs—Your Special Day, Bridge 2 Hope, Voices of Impact Teen Leadership Academy—Jackie and her team have positively impacted the lives of parents and children all over Watts and the surrounding Los Angeles Areas.  They acknowledge and support families navigating unique obstacles, ensuring they remember to smile and have fun while navigating their challenges.

Beyond programs, Jackie and her team orchestrate bi-weekly produce deliveries, recognizing the importance of nutrition in preventing health decline in BIPOC communities to break the cycle of unhealthy eating habits that can lead to chronic health issues. As of 2023, they have made over 700 deliveries to families impacted by a parent or guardian with a disability or health disadvantage. Her commitment extends to combating health issues disproportionately affecting these communities.

In the heart of Watts, Jackie's journey, now over 30 years, has transformed into a narrative of philanthropy and positive change. Today, she stands as a testament to resilience, turning adversity into a powerful force for transformation. #ImpactfulJourney #VoicesofImpact


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower and support parents living with debilitating chronic conditions and their children through education, referrals, nutrition, and special days.


Our Vision

We know it takes a village to raise a child. We envision an inclusive community free of disparities where both parents in need and their children can receive the support to thrive with dignity. 

Our Values

We value and respect everyone that we encounter.



We believe that all families deserve access to opportunities and resources to thrive with dignity.


We believe all people regardless of their abilities should have autonomy and increase their agency.


We believe in the African proverb that “it takes a village to raise a happy, and healthy child.” 


We believe that it is very important to unite families that include parents with debilitating chronic conditions.


We are here to empower and advocate for the well-being of disabled families so they can continue to participate in their own improvements in different areas of their lives.

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